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Car Locksmith San Diego Broken Car Key Removal Service

It happens when you least expect it, usually when you’re hurrying on your way to somewhere—you turn the key in the ignition a little too quickly, but realize the shaft doesn’t turn, only the key head does. A little while later, you try to force it to turn and before you know it, the key head has broken away from the rest of the key. You now have a broken key stuck inside a car ignition and no time to spare to get to your school or office without being late.

Before panicking, though, or getting someone from your house to try to help you out with your little problem, consider this: if you try to remove the broken part of your key that’s stuck in the ignition using common house tools, it may only burrow the broken part deeper inside the ignition. This will now be impossible to remove using pliers or your hands. Since it’s generally difficult to catch the “teeth” of your key using a sharp, metal object, why not let a licensed, professional locksmith do it instead?

Quick Broken Key Solutions

Car Locksmith San Diego is your reliable and licensed locksmith company offering all kinds of locksmith services, including broken key removal services, to all residents of San Diego. Always available to serve the local community of San Diego, our company offers its services at highly competitive prices, but one thing’s for sure: the quality of the service you’ll get won’t be compromised at any cost. Specialized services in the case of emergencies, like the removal of broken keys stuck in ignitions, are not readily offered by all locksmith companies, but we certainly do.

Our licensed, professional, and reliable locksmiths who always come on time (abiding by the strict 30-minute arrival time policy enforced in our company) use sophisticated tools to remove broken keys stuck in ignitions that won’t damage any part of your vehicle in the process. The danger of using common house tools that are too sharp lie in your usage of them—if you’re not too careful or well-versed in automobiles, the inner parts of your ignition may get damaged without you knowing it. Our locksmith experts avoid this by first studying the composition of your ignition and by taking the precautions necessary to not damage your car.

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