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Car Key Cutting Service

What is “Car Key Cutting”? Simply put, it means to have a car key made. It is called “cutting” since the key making machine cuts a unique pattern of grooves in the blank key to match the grooves in the ignition lock. In most cases, a car key is cut with a mechanical device, although some newer and higher end cars use a laser device to have the car key cut.

People cut keys for cars for several different reasons.  Perhaps the most common reason is to replace a car that has been lost. Since most cars come with 2 sets of keys, this is not usually an emergency situation and can be done at a trusted auto locksmith at your leisure. However, sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you have lost the only available car key and need to get a car key done on the road – wherever you happen to be stuck with your car. A professional car locksmith with mobile, state of the art equipment should have no problem helping you out in this situation by making an extra car key for you on the spot.

Of course, some people prefer to be proactive and make sure to get a car key done before they find themselves stranded without a car key (Can you say “Teenage Drivers”?)  A professional and independent car locksmith can easily cut duplicate spare keys for you for significantly less cost than what a car dealer would charge. This will also save you money, time, and aggravation in case you do have a situation where one of your car’s drivers has lost the keys for the car.

At Home, at the Office, or Stuck on the Side of the Road

When choosing a car locksmith company, you want to be sure that they have a reputation for being honest and doing high-quality work.   It is also important that their locksmiths have the latest equipment and are properly trained in its use.  If you suddenly find yourself unable to start your car because of a lost or faulty key, you need a company that operates around the clock and can reach you and your car as quickly as possible.

Green Car Locksmith San Diego uses the most modern and sophisticated locksmith tools and machinery. Green Car Locksmith Inc. is fully licensed, insured and legally bonded. The lock smith technicians we work with have completed extensive training as well as background checks and are also fully licensed and insured.

Regardless of whether you drive into our facility or are stuck with your car at your home, office, or somewhere on the road, our expert auto locksmiths will have a new key cut for you quickly and professionally. Our exceptional customer service and our competitive prices make us a leading provider of duplicate car keys and car locksmith services in the San Diego area.

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