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Switch Blade Key Programming in and Around San Diego

In the past creating copies of car door and ignition keys was a strictly mechanical matter of duplicating the teeth patterns found on the original key onto a dummy key of the right proportions. Now a days this is no longer true. Since transponder key technology hit the automotive industry it the beginning of the new millennium many car keys, especially ones belonging to later car models, come with a silicon chip installed in them, switchblade keys are no exception. Therefore, when duplicating modern car keys it is necessary both to copy the teeth patterns and to supply a key which properly plays its role in the vehicle’s transponder key system. This is where switch blade key programming comes in.

Opt for True Professionals

Since switch blade keys are among the most advanced auto keys used today it is natural that only the most highly skilled auto locksmith techs can perform services related to them appropriately.
Placed in the hands of less than true professionals switch blade key duplicates made may seen to work fine at first but will soon develop malfunctions and may even cause damage to the entire transponder key system.
Car Locksmith San Diego provides top class, comprehensive auto locksmith services in San Diego and the greater San Diego area. Highly professional switchblade key programming is naturally among them.

Any Kind of Switchblade Key at Any Time

If you need a switchblade key programmed and you are anywhere in or around San Diego you can count on Car Locksmith San Diego to do it for you, quickly, professionally and for a highly competitive rate.
No matter what type of vehicle the key is for, we have the skilled techs and all necessary equipment in order to reprogram the key for you so that it serves you well indefinitely.

Car Locksmith San Diego is a nonstop operation, we are always on the job 24/7, 365 days a year. This is why you can always call on us, at any time day or night and we will gladly rush over to provide you with any auto locksmith service you may need, switchblade key reprogramming naturally included.
Since we are intimately familiar with routes and typical local  traffic conditions we can guarantee a 30 min ETA to any location within our coverage area.

At Car Locksmith San Diego we strive not only to provide you with top class auto locksmith solutions but also to charge highly competitive prices for them.

From Car Locksmith San Diego you always receive top quality service for hard to beat prices.
Among the auto locksmith services we offer are:

  • Comprehensive auto locksmith service including:
  • Solving all types of car Lockouts
  • Lost car keys (rekeying car door locks and ignition keys)
  • Extracting stuck ignition keys (even ones that broke while inserted into the ignition switch)
  • Transponder key duplicating and programming
  • Switchblade key reprogramming
  • any other kind of auto locksmith service

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